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Our new spandex short sleeve riding shirt has a stock collar that looks great with or without a choker or stock tie. It’s a pullover with a zippered placket and credit card pocket. In white only, in women’s S, M, L and XL, just $39.95!

Ladies’ Comfort Ride schooling breeches are here in the oft-requested blue making them very practical for everyday riding. Made of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra they have a flat front, side zip, with clarino knee patches for washing ease. In medium blue only in 24-36 regular and long. $130.95. Top it off with Horse Country’s Zebra embroidered baseball cap. Shown in pink, lots of other colors available. $18.95
Gentlemen’s Stylish Panama Hats. We can’t overlook our gentlemen now can we? If you’re wearing one of these true Panama hats with masculine striped grosgrain band, you’ll be outstanding in your field (or party, or downtown). We’re offering two styles: a wide brim with brown and navy band for $85.00, and a narrower brim with burgundy and navy band for $79.00. Both styles come in sizes 7 through 7½.
Just the thing for running around this summer. We’ve two stylish handbags in woven cord. We have the silk flower on marigold or citrus and the pewter finished horse shoe on the medium olive bag.

All three styles are light of weight and have nice linings, zipper closings, inside pockets and the neatest real leather shoulder strap that’s easy to twirl around your hand. Each is $59.00.
Horse Country had two surprise editorials in the Washington DC press recently. The June issue of the glossy Washington Life featured five of our fancy hats on the well turned out models. The photos were taken at Great Meadow, near Warrenton, with handsome polo players and classic cars in the background. Our hats were spectacular. Photographer and foxhunter, Samantha Swann, did a fine job designing, organizing and photographing the spread.

Then, the Friday, June 8th Weekend section of the Washington Post had a nice article on the 10 best things to do in Virginia Horse Country. #5 was a visit to Horse Country® Saddlery. Even our antique papier mache horse from England, Lionheart, got a mention. He is quite the steed.

Belgian Warmblood Keuring: 
Just announced. August 15, 2007 at Kelly’s Ford Inn, Remington, VA. Call Carolyn Rice 540-347-4877 for information. Horse Country® is the sponsor for this event.

Mark your calendar: August 29 through September 2, 2007, the Warrenton Horse Show. Sunday, the 2nd is HUNT NIGHT with a Horn Blowing Contest this year. With a cash prize of $100 going to the winner, this event is now a qualifier for the Horn Blowing Contest at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg, Pa. Thank you to Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Hart of Hart Farm, Berryville, VA and Mr. John Coles, Thomas and Talbot Real Estate, Middleburg, VA for sponsoring the Hunt Night Exhibitors Party.

The Centennial Ceremony at Morven Park was a huge success. Over 1300 people attended the luncheon and figures range from 2500 to 3500 people watched the events on May 27, 2007. In the photo, Centennial Field Hunter Grand Champion, Sputnik, ridden by 18 year old Ms. Stuart Sanders. Reserve Champion was Sir Galahad, owned by Virginia McNeil and ridden by Rebekah Robinson. Best Turned out was Kathleen O'Keefe on Gol Lee and Most Suitable Hunter winner was Stoney Brook owned and ridden by Morley Thompson, MFH. Horse Country designed and presented the wool coolers for the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion. Congratulations to all the contestants. Photo by Isabel Kurek.

Congratulations to the three winners of the Tack Room competition at Upperville Horse Show. First place went to Cavallo Farm, Leesburg, Virginia for their tack room themed “Fishing for Blues”. They made inspired use of fishing paraphernalia as tack room decor to ensure that the tack room was not only decorated but still usable for
tack! Second place went to Eight Oaks Stable, Upperville, Virginia with their understated classic decor. Eight live oak trees brought in for the occasion enhanced their elegant gazebo. The third place winner, Stone Ridge Farm of Great Falls, Virginia, went for a festive "south of the border” look complete with colorful fairy lights that called your favorite cantina to mind. Each winner will receive a gift certificate to Horse Country for their endeavors. We encourage stables to start planning now for next year!

Best wishes to Donald R. Reuwer, Jr., MFH, Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds Maryland, who has opened the Iron Bridge Wine Bar in Old Town Warrenton, Virginia.

Here at Horse Country® we’re especially excited about the Centennial DVD and Commemorative Book that are in the works, scheduled for distribution later this year. The DVD will feature information on every one of the 165 registered hunt clubs in the US and Canada. There will be photos, text, and, for some clubs, even a video clip – all of it accessible on your computer screen with the click of a mouse. The book will focus on the overall sport of mounted hunting in North America. A team of highly respected writers has been assembled to address the many topics related to this distinctive sport.

The Centennial DVD and Commemorative Book
will be available later this year, around early to mid-fall. If you can’t wait another hundred years for the next Centennial Ball, the DVD and book will provide
you with pleasant diversions sure to be entertaining, informative, and amusing. To order the book, go to www.mfha.org.

A foxhunting group has been defined as a drinking club with a riding problem. We don’t mean to make light of alcohol consumption, and we certainly don’t encourage irresponsible drinking. But an occasional spot of refreshment in the hunt field is a long-held tradition of the sport, an integral part of the camaraderie that gives foxhunting its special appeal.
One entertaining aspect of that tradition is deciding what to carry in one’s flask, playing with new concoctions versus sticking with the tried and true, challenging your fellow hunters to guess the ingredients, trying to outdo each other for taste and creativity. We’ve tasted some interesting blends over the years; some delightful, some curious, some…well, is lighter fluid really an acceptable replacement if you’ve run out of vodka? This variety got us thinking it would be fun to put out a call for “Reynardian Recipes,” a collection of what folks carry in their flasks. And, in some instances, not only what but why. Is yours filled with an old family blend? Does the mixture vary depending on time of year and hunting conditions? (We know one chap who varies the percentage of scotch in his mixture to reflect the temperature: as the temps decline, the scotch rises.) Have you discovered a special formula that travels well and goes down smooth? Or do you prefer to see your comrade’s eyes bug out after partaking of your high-octane fuel? (Sorry, we’ll have to exclude anything not officially sanctioned by the alcoholic beverage laws. This means no ’shine.) If you’d like to be included in what’s sure to be an entertaining, informative, and useful collection of recipes, click here and send along your contribution. Email info@horsecountrylife.com or call the store at 800-882-4868.
Sale of discontinued items, last of catalog items and just other stuff: Come by the store to see the full selection or call with your size for the ladies and men’s cubbing jackets and breeches.

Breeches and Cubbing Jackets 50% off discontinued brands, styles and fabrics.

We have a large assortment of discontinued breeches from Tailored Sportsman and other good companies on sale for half price.
Tailored Sportsman for ladies and men: Two-way stretch and 4-way stretch in white, tan and taupe are available, 50% off.

Italian breeches for men in white and tan, 50% off.

Italian breeches for ladies in white, tan, blue, loden and others, 50% off.

Wall’s breeches for men and women only $25.00 per pair.

Our own Virginia breech, Arista, Treadstone and others in discontinued fabrics.
Discontinued Tweed Jackets for men and women. Older Vicmead, Chatham, Maddux, Southdown and Kingwood tweed jackets, 50% off.

Also, a few black hunting coats from Classic and a few men’s scarlet coats from different manufacturers. All are first quality. Call the store with your size needs. 800-882-4868

Also, stationary, pillows, rubber reins, napkins, books, coasters, hats, bridles, picture frames, assorted gifts, show shirts, John Partridge jackets, Barbour ja
ckets and more. 50% off.
The buckskin riding breeches from Germany are being made for us again. Look for them in the late fall. Ladies in Cognac (tan), Pearl (quiet white) and Canary, sizes 26-34. Men’s in Cognac and Pearl, sizes 32-44.

Hayleigh is modeling the ladies buckskin breech in cognac and also a new silk vest with a hunt scene around the bottom. The vest is lightly padded with a snap front and hidden pockets. Ladies sizes XS-XL. $158 coming in late August.
Well, that’s all for now. If you have an upcoming event you’d like us to consider for inclusion in the next edition, please email us at info@horsecountrylife.com.

Look for our 2007 Foxhunter Special Edition Catalog arriving in the mail soon!

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